Tuesday, 10 November 2009

breathe easy

After finnishing our marvelous map animation i figured i should be getting my other running project.... well underway. So i have spent much time in the production lab over this past week, slaving over after effects. Its cold in there and there is rarely someone to talk to, but its starting to feel worth it.

My project is nothing more than a visual interpretation of a cyborgs/androids insides, nothing complex to understand and nothing too meaningful. I just wanted to make something technical and visual, while also wanting something which would also give me a lot more experience using after effects, which i have begun to adore. The final animation is intended to be projected onto an actual body, to put it into some context.

the aesthetic is supposed to be very geometric and colourful, drawing ideas from some bjork videos (gondry) and old school sci-fi something like red dwarf. I like using washed out colour as to make it quite pastel like. Heres a collection of videos showing the progress of work. First up is this terrible attempt, which looks awful, luckily enough i gave up on this sooner rather than later.

had a chat with rolf, who gave me a bit of help with vector layers in after effects. i came to realise, it would be much easier to stick to specific repeated shapes, giving the video a little more consitancy. this is just a quick clip, of the addative effect i am going to use:

i came to decide to use only squares on an angle as if diamonds, and triangles, which are half of the diamonds. with a lot of carefully meticulous planning and positioning using gridded paper i began to assemble the lungs, here is the final animation of the lungs:

after the lungs were completed i started on the heart, veins and arteries. this is as far as i have got with this:

this is all footage repeated and layer, my aim is to make things span out from each other, i will update with my progress as more happens.

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