Saturday, 24 October 2009

Truth be told.

Today was actually rather nice, Alice pulled me out of a cesspit and we had a lovely day of Halloween preparation, i didn't think it possible for me to do anything today, especially after my overdose on social lubricant last night.

When not with Alice I spent a lot of time sitting and reading through blogs. I'm feeling me posting regular on here has to become a permanent thing. I'm Trying to get/be inspired for my next piece of work, i don't wanna have time to stop or slow in between.

I had an interesting dream a few nights back about a piece of work i am planning to pursue, the dream was just loads of ideas and imagery about this kaleidoscope video i was planning (in the dream not before), unfortunately i dont remember the dream that well just certain specific parts, but all the same its a nice new starting point. I think this video may have sparked it, and sams appreciation of 50 pence pieces.

And finally I am really excited to see fantastic mr fox this coming week, i cant actually wait. Me and dearest Rebecca shall make our way to the cinema some time and enjoy some brilliant stop frame.

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