Monday, 3 August 2009


Eat Big Fish

An animation project made by myself, Rebecca Noy and Jenny Wiscombe. The animation depicts Kath Kidston as a business success story. Eat big fish is a business consultancy company based in London bridge. This animation was commissioned a to go along side their training program "eat big fish food"

heres the animation:

Animation for EatBigFish from Rebecca Noy on Vimeo.

I have finally made a website

its definitely not perfect and theres sod all to how on it, but i thought i'd start it now rather than a week before my degree show.

hearing horrors of people trying to make one a week before here degree show is what encouraged me to make one sooner than later.

hope you enjoy.x


Summer has arrived and with it the joys of scunthorpe. My most treasured place....

There's not much to do and no money to do it with.

...So using this precious time wisely i decided to make my own version of Harry Potters marauders map. Pointless you say? sad? does this boy have nothing else to do? all very true and valid!

To attempt to justify my efforts, i have used this creation as an excuse to improve my use of illustrator, and when the second part of the plan kicks into action i will hopefully be able to use flash competently rather than my current abilities = 0.

here is to final 10 marauding maps i made. Not as perfected as i would have liked but i'm pleased none the less.

The maps fold out and contain 28 pages inside. The drawings are made made using illustrator apart from the front and first page, which were hand drawn. The text was added in photoshop. I would have liked to have used indesign to collate the images together, but as it has decided to cease working i had to use photoshop.

I printed it out and photocopied it. Cut all the photocopies out with a sharp knife and folded them, more taxing than i realised. To finish i slapped a load of raw linseed oil to make the paper translucent and to give it a look of parchment.

My next intention is to take the map and make it interactive in flash, this isn't gonna happen any time soon as i am sick of looking at it.